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18th United European Gastroenterology Week

Dear Friends,
The United European Gastroenterology Federation (UEGF) has the honour to welcome you to the UEGW 2010 in Barcelona. Since 1992 UEGW has been the forum for European Gastroenterologists and has shown a steady increase in participants over the years. UEGW is now among the top medical meetings in Europe and is recognized as a top class gastroenterology meeting also outside of Europe.
Not only has the number of participants increased, we have also been able to attract top scientists and the amount of submitted abstracts from well recognized scientific centres worldwide is steadily growing.
We are convinced that UEGW has managed to do so mainly because of its unique organisation. All societies that make up UEGF have representation on the Scientific Committee, resulting in a comprehensive programme that is beneficial to clinicians, academics and researchers alike. In the last years the UEGW post graduate course has been redesigned and eversince we have seen a steady increase in participants.
UEGF has expanded its activities during the last years following a reorganisation. The Education Committee now organises trainee courses and basic science workshops of highest quality standards throughout the year in different locations across Europe and offers financial aid and personal support with long-term partnerships and financial support of initiatives which intend to employ advanced methods of teaching in gastroenterological education.
The Public Affairs Committee is very active in drawing attention to the huge health problems caused by diseases in our field and has further been successful in gaining the press’s interest in our area of health care and developing links with patient organisations.
A meeting however always depends on its participants in reaching its goals. We hope that all of you  - those who come to learn about the latest in Gastroenterology, and those of you who want to present their work to colleagues, will help us create yet another successful UEGW.
It is our hope that you will join us in Barcelona and contribute to a successful gastroenterology meeting with excellent science and education in the field.

Rolf Hultcrantz 
UEGF President

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